The Path to Purchase

Brilliant gamification architecture. Loyalty marketing discipline. Behavioural economics insight. Self-replicating viral reach and impact. Exemplary data capture.

These are the five inter-connected conceptual pillars driving 20/20, a unique and proprietary account specific shopper marketing program.

20/20 represents the fulfillment of everything we have tried, tested and proved in sales promotion. It is a breakthrough platform that drives the consumer down the path to purchase.

  • Builds a unique bridge between traditional and digital media.
  • Delivers instant consumer attraction and engagement.
  • Supports a conversion infrastructure of unparalleled sophistication and accountability.
  • Captures instant and on-going behavioural shopping data.
  • Experiential, exponential and viral.
– "The Gamification Revolution: How Leaders Leverage Game Mechanics to Crush the Competition"
Gabe Zicherman & Joselin Linder, McGraw-Hill Books, 2013

Masters of Gamification

‘Gamification’ is a current buzzword. We have understood – for decades – that games and shopping, imaginatively harnessed, lead from ‘engagement’ to ‘assimilation’ to ‘revenue’.

Those who shop and play, the evidence definitively confirms, are more likely to buy. We are masters of gamification. It’s as simple as that.