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Encrypted Image Technology (EIT) is another one of MBC's promotional tactics that has been exceptionally effective achieving & surpassing our clients' business objectives. If driving visitors to your website is your goal, MBC can design & produce a specially designed EIT game piece as an integral part of the overall promotional package. When potential customers receive your game piece, they will be curious & motivated to visit your website to see what, or if they have won.

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When the "encrypted" game piece is positioned over the "decoder", an image, statement, logo, or prize description is instantly revealed on your website.

Other media for Encrypted Image Technology include:

  • On-pack
  • In-pack
  • Point of sale
  • Event handout
  • CD/DVD, T.V. & Video

For a free MBC "EIT" game piece sample, please call us at 416-410-1112, or email us with your contact info to